Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Will window film prevent my floors and furnishings from fading?

I saw an ad posted on Google today that said "Stop your floors from fading by over 100% with window film and tint". Seems some window tinting companies are a bit misinformed. OR are they misleading the consumer? Here are the facts!

Sun damage (fading) is caused by 3 elments. UV, Visible Light and Solar Heat. UV is responsible for 40% of the damage, light 25% and heat 25%. The remaining 10% accounts for things we cannot control. By reducing UV by 99% this protects furnishings by 40%, not 100%. Then by cutting the light and heat in half we can add another 25% to the protection. Simple math tells us that this only provides 65% fade protection. Not 100%.

Bottom line is window film will help to reduce fading of flooring and furniture. But as long as you have windows, some fading will still occur over time. This information is available at

Be a wise consumer and don't be mislead by inexperienced or uninformed companies. Visit our website to learn how Clear View Window Tinting can provide you with the right information to make an educated decision.

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