Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Window Tinting Vs. Blinds and Shades

We can all agree that sometimes you simply need to control the sun coming in our windows. It can be too bright, too hot or just plain annoying. Often, the way to control the sun was to close our shades, curtains or blinds. While this DOES work, it also, in many cases eliminates our beautiful view. I mean c'mon..... we live in Colorado for a reason.

Clear View Window Films can help to control the sun entering your windows and maintain your beautiful mountain view. Take a look at the 2 photos below. Which view do you prefer?

No View!

Clear View!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Start With Trust

We have added a link on our website www.tintcolorado.com that allows you to view our rating with the Better Busuiness Bureau. Simply visit lour website and click on the BBB logo in the middle of the page.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clear View Safety and Security Window Films


Clear View offers a variety of window films designed to hold glass together should it become broken. This reduces the risk of smash and grab theft or personal injury.
Windows are, and always have been, the quickest way for people to gain access to someplace they’re not supposed to be. And if they’re going in through a smashed window, it’s usually because time is something they don’t have much of. The glass will break, but not shatter, helping to prevent the intruder from entering quickly, and leaving him wondering what to do next. In most cases, the answer is simple: move on.

Vandalism is more than just a nuisance and eyesore; it’s also a huge financial drain to public and private budgets. The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched up or marked with spray-paint can end up being prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive.
Anti-Graffiti window coating for the commercial and retail marketplace. When vandals do strike, it won’t be permanent. The window stays put, and just the film is replaced, at a fraction of the cost.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Commercial Window Tinting Films Installed

Clear View Window Tinting located in Morrison, CO provides professional installation of a wide variety of window tinting films for commercial buildings throughout the Denver metro area.
  • Sun control film for energy savings
  • UV filtering films
  • Black out / white out films
  • Frosted Privacy films
  • Safety and Security films
  • Colored and Decorative window films
  • Quality products
  • Prompt, professional service

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorative window film gives office privacy and a unique look

Office Evolution in Cherry Creek had recently moved in and was ready for business, with one exception. Every office, independently leased was visible to everybody walking by. They called upon their designer who came up with a great solution and a very cool design using white and orange frosted window film.

Clear View installed this pattern on 23 offices and 2 conference rooms, giving the office a very unique look.

Does window film cause seal failure in insulated windows?

Countless times I have heard consumers comment that the "glass guy" told them that window film causes seal failure in windows. Seal failure occurs when the sealant between the two panes of glass breaks, subjecting the airspace to the surrounding environment. Since the seal acts as the moisture barrier, if the seal breaks, condensation can develop in the airspace of the insulating glass window, making it look cloudy or filled with moisture droplets.

The environment inside an insulating glass unit can be affected by its external environment such as temperature and air pressure. Changes in temperature and air pressure put additional stress on the seals. High elevation creates additional pressure on sealed windows. The use of less resilient sealants in the construction of the insulating glass unit can also cause the seals to fail. Most manufacturers, however, design and test their products to withstand significant changes in air pressure and temperature, thereby reducing the chance of failures. Nevertheless, seal failure does and will continue to occur simply because of the way in which insulated units are manufactured, shipped and installed. In fact, the insulating glass manufacturers association (SIGMA) has found normal seal failure to be at a rate of 1.5% of the insulated units.

So, does window film cause seal failure? Not likely. The window film industry and AIMCAL has conducted a number of tests to evaluate the affect of window film on sealed glass units. Results indicate that on a clear insulating unit, window film designed for residential and commercial application only increases the summertime airspace temperature by no more than 22 degrees, a pressure increase of only .55 psi (pounds per square inch). Put into perspective, most manufacturers of the glass units design their products to withstand a pressure change of 3.30 psi, over six times the film's potential pressure increase. These are industry standards.

What can you do? We advise our customers who have seal failure concerns to contact their window manufacturer. If your window manufacturer voids the warranty on the window when film is installed, you should ask for their test data supporting these warranty limitations.

Our American Standard Window Films provide seal failure coverage on many window units. Ask us for more details.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Residential Window Tinting Films

Residential Window Tinting in Denver, CO

Now you can control the sun and keep your beautiful view with Clear View Window Films! We offer a wide selection of sun control and UV protection window films designed specifically for homes. Each and every window film product we offer will provide a clear and enhanced view rather than cover up your windows like blinds or shades. Open the shades and let the sun shine in!

  • Block UV by 99% and protect your furnishings from sun damage
  • Reduce solar heat entering your windows by up to 75%
  • Create privacy
  • Control annoying glare
Regardless the issues with your home windows, Clear View has a window film product just right for your home. Most are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Visit our website to learn more.

We offer FREE estimates.
Serving the Denver metro area and foothills of Colorado. 303-697-6499

Website Updates

Clear View Window Tinting has update our website. You'll find more detailed product information and photos. Stop by and take a look! www.TintColorado.com

Frosted Film Ads Privacy

This new Big R store in Conifer, CO was expanding and need to cover up some windows so you could not see the wall being built directly in front of the windows. Their goal was to give the building a nice look, but hide the wall studs. Below is a photo from the outside. Clear View installed our American Standard White Frost window film. The store was so pleased we have now been asked to install the same film on their inventory building.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Selecting the right window film for your home

When selecting a window film product for your home, I suggest focusing on the main reason why you are considering window tint. Is it for heat reduction or to protect your furnishings?

Keep in mind..... "It doesn't matter how well it works if you don't like the way it looks".

Our Daydream 35 film is a very popular choice. This film is one of our "medium shades" and will reduce solar heat by 50%, cut glare and block 99% of the UV entering your windows. One of the nice features of this film is that it will enhance your view rather than obstructing it like blinds or shades. Notice how much better the colors are in the windows on the right in the photo below. Darker shades are available for those requiring increased heat and glare reduction.
                                                                   No Film  /  Daydream 35
For those that want to keep the original look of their windows, but want to block out the damaging UV rays we offer a selection of light films that are barely detectable yet will still block UV by 99%. These films are almost invisible! Our NOVA 70 film will reduce heat by 50% and you'll hardly know it's on the window. Nature 50 is also a very light that will provide some glare and heat reduction without darkening the room.
Nature 50
To learn more visit www.tintcolorado.com and click on Products.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why use Clear View?

Clear View Window Tinting is locally owned and operated. As a small family business we take every project seriously. We don't make claims of being the biggest or oldest window tinting company in the Denver area. We let our quality products and workmanship speak for itself. Bragging is just not our style. At Clear View, you will deal directly with the owner and we won't send out "sub-contractors" to do the work. www.tintcolorado.com

We use American Standard Window Films that are made in Las Vegas, NV. ASWF offers a high quality product, backed by a comprehensive warranty. After all, a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. That's why you should think twice about using a company that is the "exclusive" dealer for any product. This leads to question... "who stands behind the warranty?". If that dealer was to go out of business, who will honor the warranty? Rest assured, American Standard Window Films will be there should you ever have a warranty concern.

Colorado Business Bank: "The lobby is too hot!"

Colorado Business Bank in Downtown Denver had an issue with their lobby getting too hot during the day. Even though there was a light tint on the windows, it simply wasn't effective enough. Clear View removed the old tint and installed Daydream 15. They selected this product based on it's heat reduction performance. Now the lobby is much cooler, even on hot days.

The door on the right has Daydream 15 applied, while the door on the left is untreated.
There's a Clear View window film just right for you!

Habitat for Humanity Upgrades Denver Office With Window Tint

The Habitat for Humanity office in Denver is located just north of downtown in a residential area. The majority of their windows faced North and South. Surprisingly, they experienced a lot of heat gain through the north facing windows and the a/c system simply could not keep up and the offices were constantly hot. The south facing windows faced the street and sidewalk. This exposed all of the workers to people looking in and an uneasy feeling.
In this photo you will notice that you can easily see in the windows on the left, yet cannot see in the windows on the right. That's because the windows on the right have been treated with Daydream 15. The privacy they wanted was achieved and the north facing offices were much cooler.

Mission Accomplished!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Parker Home Controls the Sun and Keeps Their View

This Parker home had huge windows that allowed in WAY too much heat and light. The center windows are 90" x 68".  The homeowner stated "we can't even sit in this room". But, they didn't want to cover up the windows with shades or heavy drapes. They selected to have Daydream 25 installed on the top windows and Daydream 35 on their lower windows. Two weeks later she commented that the window film has made a big difference. "It's so much more comfortable in here. It's not so hot and I don't feel the need for sunglasses".
It was a cloudy day this photo was taken, but you can see there is very little difference in the tinting shade between the top and bottom windows.

Glass Replacement and Repair in Denver

Have foggy or broken windows? We recommend All Star Glass for your glass replacement needs. Billy Glover owner of All Star Glass handles the installations personally, so you are dealing directly with the owner. Visit www.denverallstarglass.com for more information.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winter Sun Damage

When the cold weather rolls around we don't think to much about the sun, except when we are trying to drive and it's in our eyes. We certainly don't think about it damaging our home furnishings and floors. BUT..... the fact is, in the winter months the sun is lower to the horizon and primarily in the south. By being lower to the horizon, the sun shines further into our home. Reaching parts of the floor and furniture that it never touched in the summer.

Clear View window films will block 99% of the damaging UV rays that penetrate your windows. (A major cause of fading). Window film doesn't have to be dark to be effective. We offer a number of very light window films that will block UV and reduce solar heat without a dark or tinted look. Our sun control films will reduce glare, enhancing your view.

There's a Clear View Window Film just right for your home!

Privacy Window Films

Clear View offers a selection of one way and privacy window films. We can create a "one-way" view in many situations. This will allow you to see out while those outside cannot see inside.
Our "frosted" films allow light to pass through, but restrict visibility. Great for conference rooms, entries, locker rooms and bath rooms.

Using a combination of privacy films can create a unique look.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Replacement Windows and Siding

Welcome to Colorado’s award-winning siding and window replacement company.  Home Remodeling Technology, Inc. has served homeowners for 41 years.

For the past 12 years HRTI has been recognized by the Denver Better Business Bureau and awarded the Gold Star Certificate due to our highly esteemed level of service.

We understand your home is probably your most prized possession. You deserve to work with someone whose ethical standards will earn your trust. Our well experienced and professional technicians are happy to serve you. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation and price quote.
We have taken our 41 years of experience in sales and installation of premium replacement windows and siding to create a resource that will held guide you.

HRTI believes in bringing its customers quality products and services at the best price possible. Contact us for a quote and you will be amazed by how much we can save you. We look forward to working with you and improving your home.

Getting Started:

This site will guide you through the entire process of learning about siding and windows, gathering information, making comparisons and, finally, making an INFORMED decision.
Remember, if at any time you would like us to assist you, you can simply call this number
1-888-412-4200 or visit our website www.HRTI.com                     
Clear View Window Tinting www.tintcolorado.com                                   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Heat Reduction and Privacy Window Film

Northcrest Automotive in Wheat Ridge had a severe heat issue in their waiting area. Facing directly East the sun would warm the area up to 90 degrees by 10:00 a.m.. The owners selected Daydream 15 from American Standard Window Films. As you can see in the picture not only did they reduce the heat entering the windows, but created privacy as well.
Daydream 15 will reduce solar heat gain on dual pane glass by about 70%!
Update! The business next door liked the benefits of the tint so much, they had their windows tinted too!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Serving Colorado and Montana

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

Clear View Window Films provides service to the majority of Colorado. Simply put, if the project is worth the trip, we'll go anywhere. Our primary area is the Front Range including the Denver metro area as well as the foothills. Give us a call to see if we service your area. 303-697-6499 http://www.tintcolorado.com

For service in the Flat Head Valley area of Montana, we recommend Energy Control Products of Kalispell, MT. Visit their website http://www.tintmontana.com for more information.