Friday, October 18, 2013

Selecting the right window film for your home

When selecting a window film product for your home, I suggest focusing on the main reason why you are considering window tint. Is it for heat reduction or to protect your furnishings?

Keep in mind..... "It doesn't matter how well it works if you don't like the way it looks".

Our Daydream 35 film is a very popular choice. This film is one of our "medium shades" and will reduce solar heat by 50%, cut glare and block 99% of the UV entering your windows. One of the nice features of this film is that it will enhance your view rather than obstructing it like blinds or shades. Notice how much better the colors are in the windows on the right in the photo below. Darker shades are available for those requiring increased heat and glare reduction.
                                                                   No Film  /  Daydream 35
For those that want to keep the original look of their windows, but want to block out the damaging UV rays we offer a selection of light films that are barely detectable yet will still block UV by 99%. These films are almost invisible! Our NOVA 70 film will reduce heat by 50% and you'll hardly know it's on the window. Nature 50 is also a very light that will provide some glare and heat reduction without darkening the room.
Nature 50
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