Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will tinting make my rooms dark?

There are a variety of shades of home window tinting films from clear to room darkening. Obviously, the darker the tint, the less light that will enter the room. The lighter films will still block UV rays by up to 99%, however they often reduce less solar heat. For those that want to reduce solar heat, but do not want a tinted look we offer very light sun control films that will block up to 54% of the sun's heat without changing the look of the windows.

For rooms that are burdened with too much sun, the darker tinted shades may be the better choice. These films will not only reduce the volume of heat coming through the windows, but will also help to control annoying glare. One concern with these films is that the view will be harmed. The truth is, even the darkest films will still allow for clear visibility. Unlike windows with blinds or shades, tinted windows can remain open to enjoy the view while providing a shield from the sun's heat.

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