Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winter Sun Damage

When the cold weather rolls around we don't think to much about the sun, except when we are trying to drive and it's in our eyes. We certainly don't think about it damaging our home furnishings and floors. BUT..... the fact is, in the winter months the sun is lower to the horizon and primarily in the south. By being lower to the horizon, the sun shines further into our home. Reaching parts of the floor and furniture that it never touched in the summer.

Clear View window films will block 99% of the damaging UV rays that penetrate your windows. (A major cause of fading). Window film doesn't have to be dark to be effective. We offer a number of very light window films that will block UV and reduce solar heat without a dark or tinted look. Our sun control films will reduce glare, enhancing your view.

There's a Clear View Window Film just right for your home!

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