Friday, September 17, 2010

Experience Matters

Today I visited with a car dealership in Golden. They had 5 large windows that had a problem with intense glare and scorching heat. Facing both south and east, there was just no escape for hours.

I suggested the 3M Night Vision 25 & 15 and Sun Gard Optivision 25 & 15. These would offer great benefits while still allowing for clear visibilty both day and night. As we discussed the products another gentleman approached and commented that he had already contracted with someone to tint the windows. As it turns out, he had contracted with the company that tints car windows for them. The plan was to install automotive window film on these 55" x 82" windows. The problem with this is simple. Dark, non-reflective window films will absorb an extreme amount of heat into the glass. This creates a risk of "thermal shock fracture". Simply put, the glass will break.

Once management understood the risks they decided to cancel the order placed with the auto tint .

It is important to get all of the answers and know the facts. What could have become a costly disaster will result in a better informed consumer. Clear View always strives to educate the customer so that hey can make an informed decision. No tricks, gadgets or gimmicks. Just the facts.

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