Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selecting a window tinting contractor

There are a lot of window tinting companies in the Denver metro area. Some are good, some are not. But how do you tell them apart? First, let's start with ethics.

NEVER trust a window tinting contractor that "trash talks" about competitive products. This clearly indicates that they have little faith in their own products, therefore they must attack the competition in an attempt to make themselves look better. Sadly, a number of companies choose this marketing approach. Vista dealers are notorious for this! If a company cannot earn your business without dicrediting their competitor, you have to question their integrity.

Visit their website and check out the pictures being used. Are they actual photos of projects they have completed or are they simply pictures provided by the manufacturer of the film. You should be able to see pictures of work they have actually performed.

Testimonials are often self written and misleading. Never trust a testimonial that claims to have paid a company to fix someone else's mistake. This is highly unlikely.

Auto tint shops often promote residential and commercial window tinting. Since this type of window film appication is much more involved than simply making the glass dark, auto tint shops are often not properly educated in material selection. Then, the question arises....Do they have the right insurance?

Customer service is an area that is difficult to determine until a problem arises. Very often, if you choose to go with the lowest bid, you will get the same quality service as product.

At Clear View we want you to understand what to expect from window tinting companies. We clearly post pictures of our projects and our warranty on our website for your review. We are A Rated by the Better Business Bureau and recommended by Tom Martino.

Be a wise consumer and get the best value from Clear View!

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