Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wow! It's so much cooler in here!

We received a call from a Castle Rock homeowner that couldn't keep their home cool on hot days. Their a/c bill was through the roof, but the house was still hot. Several years ago she had some windows without window treatments treated with window film. The film worked, but the house was still hot. The problem was that even though she had wood blinds, the heat was already in the house and the a/c simply distributed the heat.
She selected Clear View to install our Day Dream 35 window film. Day Dream 35 is a unique window film product designed to reduce heat, cut glare and block UV without a dark look and a low interior reflection. Making your view clear, even at night. Another attractive feature is that it performs just as well as the high priced "Ceramic" films without the high price.

As soon as I arrived to install the film the homeowner (Carin) asked if it mattered where I started. "No, doesn't matter" I said. "Could you please do my office first? It's so hot in here." So, that's where I started. Before I was even done she commented that she could feel the difference. Later, she remarked that finally, she could stand to be in there. "It feels 15 degrees cooler in here". Well, I can't say for sure it was 15 degrees cooler, but you could definately feel the difference.

She was very happy with the way the film looked and even more pleased by the performance.
Day Dream 35
By: American Standard Window Film
Las Vegas, NV
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 47% (On insulated glass)
UV Reduction: 99%
Glare Reduction: 56%
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


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