Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sky Light Problem Solved

This Genesee homeowner had 3 large sky lights in their kitchen that made the room extremely hot in the summer. The previous homeowner had installed some white woven shades to help block the heat and light. But, the view was blocked and the shades were covered in dust.

The homeowner selected SKY 10 window film to replace the shades. Once the shades were removed, it was easy to see why they wanted them down. Take a look at the difference! SKY 10 cut the glare and blocked the heat by 75%! UV was reduced by 99% and the room was much more comfortable. In this photo, the 2 sky lights on the right are treated with Clear View window film and the window on the left is unprotected. Look at the difference. Wow! The homeowner was excited that she could see the trees and sky since her view wasn't blocked by the shades anymore.

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