Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The A/C Just Won't Keep Up

The High Pointe Center in Parker is a beautiful building. Some of the tenants include Brown Compounding, Heidi's Deli and Parker Family Care. The building was built with a great looking blue glass. Facing east and west the building takes in a lot of solar heat gain because this type of glass is designed to perform best in colder months by keeping buildings warmer in winter. Unfortunately, the building was also built with an undersized HVAC. During the summer months, the offices are uncomfortably hot, even with the a/c turned up.

Clear View installed our ASWF Reflection 35 window film. This is a light silver reflective film that offers high visibility coupled with outstanding heat reduction.

No film on left   /   Reflection 35 on Right

Because of the scope and size of the building several days were required to complete the project. On the second day of installation one of the tenants noted how much cooler the office was. He mentioned that usually by mid-afternoon it's "just plain 'ol hot in here!" The building manager remarked that the spike in energy consumption had significantly decreased.

Clear View provides a wide range of sun control window films for commercial buildings

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