Friday, February 22, 2013

Whch shade of tint is right for me?

Clear View offers a range of window tinting films that are sure to meet almost any need. Our sun control films are available from very light to very dark, depending on your indivisual needs. When deciding on on the right film for your home or office remember why you are considering window film to start with. Is the solar heat, glare or simply want to protect your furnishings.

Darker shades will cut more light and provide privacy. These are perfect for windows that get just too much sun. These are also the shades that will provide maximum heat reduction and fade control.
Optivision 15
Medium shades will still offer good performance, but allow more light into the room. Great for homes that want to protect furnishings, cut the heat and glare but maintain a well lit room.

Optivision 35 on right
 Lighter shades will provide good benefits without the "tinted" look. This is ideal for rooms without a lot of glass or those wishing to simply block the UV rays.
Optivision 45
There's a Clear View window film just right for your problem windows.

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