Friday, February 15, 2013

Understanding Sun Damage

Windows provide us with light and a view to the world outdoors. Along with the light that enters our windows comes damaging rays causing our floors, art work and furnishings to fade and lose their original color. One option is to close the shades, but then you lose your view. Clear View Window Tinting may be the solution you're looking for.

Ultra Violet rays (UV) are one of the major causes of sun damage. However, UV is not the only thing that can cause damage. As you can see by the chart above UV only contributes to 40% of the damage. Visible light (bright sun light that you see cast across your room) and Solar Heat are also contributors.

Simply stated, the more UV, Solar heat and Light you eliminate the better chance you have of protecting your furnishings. Since we don't want to live in the dark, it's often desirable to keep as much light as possible.

Window films are a good, cost effective solution. Many films are designed specifcally to reduce sun fading. These films vary in shades from almost clear to room darkening. We find that the mid-range films prove to be the most popular by providing protection, less glare, reduced heat gain and an enhanced view without the need for closed shades.

Clear View offers a wide assortment of sun control window films that will eliminate 99% of the UV rays and won't make your home dark. Our popular Optivision 35 will block UV rays, cut  glare and reduce solar heat. Get even better protection with Optivision 25. Only 10% darker, but performs 10% better. Both are backed by the Sun Gard limited lifetime warranty on residential installations.
Optivision 35 on right. No film on left.

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