Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pay a professional OR Do it yourself?

Let me start by saying..... "If you don't care what it looks like when you are done..... anybody can do it". Like many things, a quality window film installation requires skill. Many do it yourself'ers find it often proves to be more daunting than originally anticipated.

There are a number of factors that come play.

  1. Quality of the product. There are a few window films that can be bought at the hardware store and on line.Problem is..... the overall quality of the product. Most major manufacturer's only sell their products through professional installers, like Clear View. That leaves the consumer with seconds and low rated products from overseas. This also means you receive no warranty.
  2. Proper application. As previously mentioned, installing window film takes skill. Mistakes come easy and material is wasted if the installation is not handled properly. This includes preparing the glass. Once the film is applied to the glass, it cannot be removed and reapplied.
  3. Warranty. When you do it yourself, there is no warranty. This includes a warranty on the glass. Yes, window film can cause glass to break! If you install the wrong film on the wrong type of glass chances are you are destined for a broken window. At Clear View, we only use approved products for Colorado windows. We also provide a warranty, on many installations, that covers each window up to $500 should it break.
Clear View Window Tinting provides expert installation of a wide variety of window film products. So, before you waste your time and money, give Clear View a call for a free on site estimate.


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