Monday, October 24, 2011

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Window film warranties can vary from one manufacturer to another. Most quality window films come with a limited lifetime warranty for homes and a 10 year warranty on commercial properties. This warranty should cover both material and labor 100% through the warranty period. Beware of anything less.

An important part of the warranty is the "glass coverage". In Colorado it is extremely important to understand what the warranty covers. Most major manufacturer's offer a 2 to 5 year warranty covering your windows against thermal shock fracture. This means if your window cracks as a result of the window film, the manufacturer in many cases will pay up to $500 for the replacement of that window. Unfortunately, not all window films offer this coverage. Be a wise consumer and ask or read the warranty carefully. Get to know who the manufacturer is and where the product is made. My experience is that forgein manufacturer's are very difficult to work with shoulod you have a warranty claim. Be American made products.

All of our window films are backed for material, labor and glass. Why settle for anything less? We are happy to provide full disclosure of our warranties and their limitations.

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