Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Completes the Acquisition of Solar Gard® Specialty Films

October 3, 2011: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics today announced the completed acquisition of Solar Gard® Specialty Films, a San Diego, CA-based manufacturer of automotive and architectural window films, custom coatings and photovoltaics. The acquisition strengthens Saint-Gobain's position as a market leader in sustainable habitat. Solar Gard's three global production facilities and operations under development, sales and service centers worldwide and all employees currently working for the company are included in the transaction.
"The acquisition of Solar Gard is an important catalyst in the continued advancement of specialty films. Solar Gard's unparalleled expertise in materials science and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with Saint-Gobain's legacy of high performance products, will create new opportunities throughout the industry," said Loic Mahe, vice president Composites, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, and its investment in Solar Gard acknowledges the important role window films play in sustainable habitat solutions. With it, Saint-Gobain acquires a substantial footprint and worldwide distribution network in the flat glass retrofit business. Solar Gard's network of professional, certified window film dealers around the world will benefit from the force of a well-respected global leader in sustainable habitat, glazing and associated building products.

"This transaction represents what we've been saying for years -- that the future for specialized films is bright and that Solar Gard is best positioned to lead the market," said Christophe Fremont, general manager Solar Gard. "This partnership legitimizes the window film solution and opens the doors to the enormous glass market and sustainable habitat industry. This is an incredible opportunity for the industry overall, and we consider this historical strategic acquisition by Saint-Gobain as the most influential partnership that the industry has ever seen."

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