Saturday, May 18, 2013

Castle Rock Homeowner Selects Day Dream 25

This Castle Rock home originally had it's windows tinted back in 1999. The new owners had no idea what type of window film had been installed. What they did know was it looked horrible. The film was bubbling and had severe distorion. To make things worst, the painters had applied masking tape to the edges of the windows directly on top of the film. Sadly, when the tape was removed, the film was damaged.

Because the home had large windows in the family room, they knew that if they only removed the old film the house would be almost impossible to cool on hot summer days. Also, their furnishings would be subjected to damaging UV rays.

After visiting with Clear View they selected Day Dream 25. This amazing window film will reduce solar heat by almost 60% while blocking UV by 99% and cut the bright glare just the right amount. And, their new window tinting is now backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Almost immediately they noticed a difference. The family room was instantly cooler and the windows no longer were an eye sore.

Just look at the difference Day Dream 25 made in their view!

Day Dream 25 on left. No film on right.

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