Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Separating Fact From Fiction

I've read a number of ads with some pretty wild claims regarding window tinting for your home.

One post said window film will reduce your home's energy bill by 60%. While I wish this was true...It is Not true! In fact solar heat gain entering your windows only accounts for 40% of the heat entering your home. And even that is determined by the size and number of windows and the direction they face. A/c only contributes to 44% of a home's energy cost. If the film blocked 100% of the heat it still would not reduce energy by 60%. Buyer beware!

Another said the film would keep in 65% of heat in the winter. Once again, Not true! Traditional window film will only retain about 10% of the heat escaping through your windows. Window film IS NOT insulation. Some "Low-e" films will improve the winter performance... but not by 65%. Not even close!

Either these companies are mis-informed or misleading the consumer in an attempt to make a sale. Why take chances?

Clear View Window Tinting wants you to be informed. Be a wise consumer....... We offer a free in home consultation to answer your questions. We won't make untrue claims to make ourselves or our products look better. You will visit directly with the owner... not some uneducated sales person. With over 27 years in the industry we offer the right solutions for your problem windows. Visit our website http://www.tintcolorado.com.

We do not tint cars. Homes and offices are our specialty. We have the right equipment and insurance for your project. Our films are backed by a residential limited lifetime warranty!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment.  Sorry, we do not give quotes over the phone on via email.

Clear View is a Gold Star Member of the BBB with an A rating. Call today. 303-697-6499

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