Thursday, September 27, 2012

Optivision 15 to Cut Glare & Heat

Commercial Window Tinting
A Lakewood bio-engineering firm was looking for a way to reduce the volume of light entering the sensitive lab area. Given it's direction, solar heat gain was also an issue. We recommended and installed Sun Gard Optivision 15. Glare and light was reduced by 85%. You may think the lab became dark and gloomy, but quite the opposite occurred. With the film applied, they were able to open the mini-blinds and let the natural sun light come in without the UV, and glare. Optivison 15 will also reduce solar heat gain by about 70%. The view was improved and the sun light problem was solved. They no longer needed to close the blinds to achieve privacy. Optivision 15 got the job done.

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