Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Much Heat Will Window Film Block?

Clear View Window Tinting offers a wide range of heat reducing sun control window films. These optically clear films will reduce solar heat entering your windows by up to 75%. There are a variety of shades and performances. Typically, the darker films will perform better than the lighter.

How much heat is reduced is up to you. Here are a few examples of what to expect.

  • Century 60: 37% TSER       Very light
  • Optivision 35: 48% TSER   Slightly Tinted
  • Optivision 25: 57% TSER   Medium Tinted
  • Optivison 15: 67% TSER    Dark Tinted
  • Optivision 5: 75% TSER     Super Dark
(TSER: Total Solar Energy Rejected)

The exception to the rule is our Geo Shield IRis 70. This almost invisible film will reduce solar heat by up to 54% without a dark or tinted look. This unique film also blocks UV by 99%.

By reducing the volume of heat entering your windows your rooms will remain more comfortable and easier to cool. Many homeowners notice a reduction in their cooling costs. How much heat in degrees is difficult to determine as it is based on the time of day, the angle of your windows to the sun and several other factors. Either way, you'll stay cooler with Clear View Window Tinting.

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