Monday, September 12, 2011

Misleading Information?

I'm always a bit surprised when I see ads that make untrue claims. Just recently I saw an ad that stated windw film would reduce energy use by 60 to 70%. This is FAR from the truth. While window film may reduce solar heat gain by 60 to 70% this does not translate to the same ratio in energy savings. There are many other factors that determine your overall energy consumption besides your windows.

Another ad read "Stop fading by 100%" This is... how do I put this politely, stretching the truth a bit. Window film will "reduce" sun fading of flooring and furnishings, but it WILL NOT stop it. Visible light itself contributes to the fading. Therefore, unless the window film blocks 100% of the UV AND 100% of the light, it will not stop fading.  

Our Solar Gard and Sun Gard window films block 99% of the sun's harmful rays. We are pleased to provide our complete product data for your inspection. Clear View won't make far fetched claims or give you misleading information. Just the necessary data for you to make an educated decision.

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