Monday, March 14, 2011

Optivision Solves Castle Rock Homeowner's Heat Issues

Today we installed Optivison window film by Sun Gard on the windows of a customer's home in Castle Rock. Facing "due west" his windows provided a wonderful view of the mountains but the glare and solar heat gain were just too much to live with. Unfortunately, they were forced to keep their blinds closed all day. We installed Optivison 15 to the west facing windows and patio doors. The homeowner was quite amazed at the immediate difference the window film made. The glare was gone and the room was cooler. He then asked us if we had enough material to do the south facing windows as well. Fortunately, we had planty with us and tinted the additional windows. Optivision is available in a variety of shades. Visit our website to learn more

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